Indonesia Focus-2014

Discrimination at Schools in Indonesia

Dion Efrijum Ginanto

Educational Administration

Michigan State University


This paper examines the discriminations occur at schools in Indonesia, especially at SMA N 1 Batanghari, Jambi. I note that there have been several kinds of marginalization at schools in general such as race, social status, language, ethnic/tribal, sex/gender, and religious discrimination. In this article, I address some questions regarding discrimination: What kinds of discriminations occur in general? What types of discrimination at SMA N 1 Batanghari? What causes discriminations? And what alternative solutions for the discrimination issues at SMA N 1 Batanghari? I use literature review as the method of collecting the data. I reveal that there are three kinds of discriminations at SMA N 1 Batanghari: religious, ethnic/language, and social status discrimination. The alternative solutions for the discriminations are multicultural education, celebrating the diversity, parental involvement, and social justice leadership.



Key Words: Discrimination, Multicultural Education, and Social Justice Leadership.



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