About Me

Hi, I am Dion

Dion Ginanto received his undergraduate degree in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from Jambi University. He was awarded “MAWAPRESNAS” (the best student award by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia) in 2006. He was also an AIYEP-er 2007/2008 (Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program). In 2009, he joined to the short course training of the KAPLAN TKT program in New Zealand. He received his MA from Michigan State Univeristy. Currently, he is doing his Ph.D at Michigan State University (K-12 Educational Administration). He has published his first book entitled: “Jadi Pendidik Kreatif dan Inspiratif: Cara Mengobati 10 Penyakit Profesional. He works at SMA N 1 Batanghari, Jambi, as a teacher.

Twitter: @dion_ginanto

FB: Dion Efrijum Ginanto

Phone: +1-517-512-2490

email: ginantod@msu.edu/dion.efrijum@gmail.com

And Here is my GinantoDionResume


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